New Product Design

List of survey questions or questionnaire items that could be used to measure new product design:

Remark: There are three dimensions as listed in below:


  • The product is visually striking
  • The product is good looking
  • The product looks appealing


  • The product is likely to perform well
  • The product seems to be capable of doing its job
  • The product seems to be functional


  • The product would help me in establishing a distinctive image
  • The product would be helpful to distinguish myself from the mass
  • The product would accurately symbolize my achievements

(1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree)

Reference: Homburg, C., Schwemmle, M., & Kuehnl, C. (2015). New product design: Concept, measurement, and consequences. Journal of Marketing, 79(3), 41-56.